3 AI trends in 2022

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming businesses and will contribute to economic growth via contributions to productivity. It makes our lives easier by implementing some patterns in our daily work. In the coming days, more sectors will begin to use artificial intelligence to fulfill changing customer expectations and speed digital transformation. Across industries, companies have rolled out successful proofs-of-concept and have even been successful in deploying AI in production. Today, companies at the leading edge of the AI maturity curve are making use of it at scale.


Conversational AI

Conversational AI is a fast-growing technology that enables speech-based interaction across users and platforms, especially to better engage with users. Building it requires utilities such as speech recognition, speech synthesis, natural language processing and machine learning.

In late 2021, ReportLinker announced the size of the conversational AI market will grow from $6.8 billion USD to $18.4 billion USD by 2026. The key factors giving rise to this phenomenon are increased demand for AI-enabled customer support services, the adaptation of omnichannel strategies, continuous engagement with customers and the increasing demand for chatbots during pandemic restrictions.

AI-Based Cybersecurity

The World Economic Forum recently recognized cybercrime as a major risk to global prosperity and urged the world to address it jointly.

As people depend more on machines every day, we are becoming more vulnerable to cybercrimes because every device connected to the internet gives attackers an opportunity to exploit its loopholes. And since connected devices are becoming increasingly complicated, it’s increasingly difficult to pick out and address the existing loopholes. AI can play a vital role in identifying suspicious activities by analyzing patterns of network traffic.

Therefore, some significant developments in using AI in cybersecurity are expected.


AI in Augmented Data Analytics

Augmented analytics is a type of data analytics that automates the examination of large amounts of data by combining AI, machine learning, and natural language processing. What used to be handled by a data scientist is now being automated to offer real-time insights.

With the rise of visual-based data discovery tools in recent years, AI and machine learning capabilities have been increasingly and directly implemented inside analytics and BI systems to aid business users. In the coming days, more and more instances of augmented analytics are expected. AI will be inserted into automated bots to make them smarter.

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