5 inspirational start up films to watch

5 startup films

Are you planning to launch a startup, or did you already dive into the astonishing world of startups? Successful entrepreneurs often emphasize the need for motivation and where to get it, on their way to success. Most of them talk about books and movies which inspired them or taught them that crucial game-changing formula, which made them one of the best.

We just picked our 5 favourite movies that definitely will inspire you or give you some ideas, how to manage your startup. 

1. The Social Network (2010)

Every age has its visionaries who change the world in a way, nobody could imagine before. This process of change is usually accompanied by things that nobody talks about. In The Social Network, director David Fincher and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin give viewers a glimpse of the making of Facebook, the most revolutionary social phenomenon of the new century, through the differing views of hyperintelligent young men who unanimously claim to have been at the inception of Facebook. The result is a drama full of creation and destruction, a drama that deliberately avoids a single interpretation, but instead points to contradictions in subjective interpretations of events to reflect the ever-changing social relationships that are characteristic of our present.

“People want to go online and check out their friends, so why not build a website that offers that? Eduardo, I’m not talking about a dating site, I’m talking about taking the entire social experience of college and putting it online.”
JESSE EISENBERG – Mark Zuckerberg

2. Jobs (2013)

Steve Jobs. He was undoubtedly one of the greatest visionaries of the 20th century, a technological genius and an extremely capable businessman. His co-workers often hated him for how he acted, but they loved what he created. Apple Macintosh, iPhone, iPad or Pixar movie studio. He could show the way to all of humanity, but he was able to work only with selected individuals. After all, who doesn’t know his famous sentence: “Only work with genius, throw out idiots!” 

You can make a great product. But you have to convince people that what you’re selling is greater. We’re not selling computers. We’re selling what they can do with a computer. A tool for the mind. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is limitless.

John Sculley

3. CTRL+ALT+COMPETE (2011), documentary film

“What is a startup company?” “What is its mission and structure?” The answers to these and many other equally interesting and intriguing questions are given by the founders of five completely different American startups. Five companies, five entrepreneurs, five business models. The film was funded by Microsoft and was intended to serve as a “hands-on” for aspiring tech entrepreneurs. Surprisingly, the creators of the picture really succeeded: there is no unnecessary “husk” and PR (which is often found in such works), everything is clear and laid out on the shelves.

4. The Startup Kids (2012), documentary film

Startup Kids is a documentary about young Internet entrepreneurs in the USA and Europe. It contains interviews with the founders of Vimeo, Soundcloud, Kiip, InDinero, Dropbox, Foodspotting and many others who talk about how they started their company and how they lived as an entrepreneur.

The film is directed by two Icelandic entrepreneurs, Vala Halldorsdottir and Sessella Vilhjalmsdottir, who founded their first company shortly after Iceland’s economic collapse and wanted to motivate other young people to become entrepreneurs.

You’re always kind of just on the edge of your comfort zone, and everything you’re doing is basically something you’re just barely qualified for or not qualified for. It’s like jumping off a cliff and having to build your own parachute.

Drew Houston

5. Russian Silicon Valley. How the IT capital of the world works (2020), documentary film

Silicon Valley is a unique agglomeration where the most interesting and relevant business ideas are concentrated. Such giants as Apple, Facebook, YouTube, eBay and other equally well-known companies are successfully developing here. There is always something to see and learn. This film is directed by a famous Russian entrepreneur, journalist Yury Dud, who travelled to Silicon Valley and interviewed 8 successful startuppers, who were originally from post-Soviet countries. This film is originally in Russian, but available to watch with English subtitles on YouTube. 

Andrey Doronichev is the creator of mobile YouTube and director of products for Google.

Nikolay Davydov is a co-founder of the Gagarin Capital investment fund.

Ruslan Fazlyev is the founder of the Ecwid online store builder.

Dmitry Dumik is the founder of Chatfuel, a platform for creating chatbots on Facebook Messenger.

Evgeny Nevgen is the co-founder of the MSQRD selfie filters app.

Maxim Mikheenko is the founder of the computer graphics studio 5518 Studios.

Mikita Mikado is the creator of the Pandadoc workflow tool.

Tolerance for failure is the most important part of the game

Maxim Mikheenko

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