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Are you a creative person who is open to challenges? Would you like to know what it is like to cooperate with Siesta Labs?

In our team you don't have to wait several years for a promotion. If we see a potential and you are striving to improve, we will be happy to support you, so you can look forward to career growth. 

Let's scroll down and explore the ways how we can cooperate. 

We allways seek the talents!

Join our network to collabroate on projects


Lead the team! Project and product managers wanted.


The projects should shine. We seek for skilled marketers.


Talented frontend and backend developers are always welcomed.


If you like to do a business, sell our amazing products!

Become a Siesta Ninja

We are looking for talents in the fields of IT, marketing, finances, customer care to join our team of Siesta Ninjas. Siesta Ninja stands for multi-talent, agile, optimistic person that is fully dedicated to the team and work.

Freelance on our projects!

We constantly have a lot of projects we are working on, and sometimes we are kind of busy and need help. Join our database of freelancers and we will contact you with the project details. If you find it interesting, we can agree on cooperation.


Feedback from freelancers

What they appreciate on our cooperation?

Open positions

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From time to time we look for talents for full-time positions from various areas. Let's browse through the opportunities and apply for the open competition. We are looking forward to the potential cooperation.