European Startups Capitals

Europe has a unique startup ecosystem, with its leading cities providing a wide range of successful examples. Let’s consider these hub spots and take into account their accomplishments. 



The British capital is one of the most significant ecosystems in Europe. It has been leading the landscape since 2017, especially in finance and tech. London remains highly attractive among startup founders and is considered the second world’s most successful city for tech innovation outside the Silicon Valley, after New York, according to Evening Standard, attracting twice as many investments through venture capital funding as other European cities. The British capital’s success can be attributed to its access to deeper pools of capital and a strong financial system, tax incentives and world-class talent pool.



The German capital has attracted more and more investors over the past years. Berlin is well known as an international tech hub, attracting startups in High Tech, SaaS, Health and Bio, among others. In 2019, German startups received a total of US$6.9 billion in investment, an all-time high. The key to Berlin’s success as a fast-growing startup scene is a great infrastructure for financing and funding. The number of incubators, business angels and accelerators are growing significantly over the past few years, which provides optimal conditions for entrepreneurs from all around the world. Besides that, the city boasts a high standard of living, a helpful ecosystem with lots of networking opportunities and an international environment. This explains why lots of young entrepreneurs would want to come to Berlin and fulfill their innovative business ideas. 


Being the most attractive city for startups in Spain, Barcelona ranks a high position among the best startup cities in Europe, based on its popularity among founders and investors. It is an emerging center for entrepreneurship thanks to low rent prices, high-quality tech talent and an international workforce. The State of European Tech Report by Atomico found that Barcelona is among the five European tech hubs where founders from Western Europe, the Mediterranean and the UK would start a company tomorrow. Barcelona is home to startups with the most inspiring success stories, such as Glovo, Jobandtalent, Emjoy.



One of the top attractions of Paris for startups is its central location, with easy access to Europe’s most important capitals. London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, and Luxembourg are all less than 3 hours away. The city also boasts the best-ranked business schools in the world, which provide companies with a large pool of highly skilled talent. Paris has the most research professionals, high-tech patents, and the highest annual R&D spending in Europe. The city holds a strong position in industries such as AI, global energy, Health & BioTech, and FinTech.


Home to roughly 50% of Austria’s startups, Vienna has a plethora of VC, corporate and university investors. Vienna is emerging as a powerful startup hub. The local ecosystem benefits from several initiatives, including the Social Impact Awards, Vienna Startup Awards, Design Week, Climate KIC Stage, Innovation Incubation Center and INiTS Accelerator. The intensive talent flow and state support for startups make Vienna a central Austrian hub. 



The city of Prague is also a gem for tech companies. The Czech Republic boasts a great education system. It’s a perfect location for launching a tech startup, hiring the right technical talent and establishing the headquarters in an affordable place. 

If you consider top talents and technologies, Europe has a lot to offer. The European startup ecosystem with its powerful hub centers draws deserved attention from all over the world. 

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