Starting a project?

Let us help you

We have started as a single startup. Over the years we have tackled all startup problematics. Product development, going to market, marketing, sales or customer care. We did that all. 

We have grown in people, experience and assets and launched more projects and companies over time. Since we like to create, share and help, here we are now to help new projects become real. We offer our experience, assets and contacts to boost your idea and guide you on your adventure.

Where are you now?

We understand that the project needs are different in various stages. We believe that we can help you at the beginning, but also during the journey, where it is important to identify current problems and focus on their resolution.

You see a gap in the market and you need help with an idea

We understand that the urge of starting a project might be frustrating. We will help you to define the idea clearly, make a research, prove that your idea is valid, and launch the project with you.

You have launched the project already but you seek rapid growth

Having a project launched, sometimes it’s not that easy to achieve growth. We will help you define the problems and come up with solutions to reach the sustainable growth of a product or a service.

You already have an idea but you need more powers to bring it to life

As you have the idea defined and research done, we will help you to create a business architecture and marketing strategy to bring the product/service to the customers.

You know exactly what you want and need, but nobody is offering it

Specific challenges call for specific approaches. We are aware that both IT and Business carry certain specifics which often result in frictions. Among our powers is the ability to bridge such dichotomies and to facilitate success via cooperation.

We have been there and done that.

We know there is always something new to learn, but we went through a lot and we can share many things here and there. 




Projects Done


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Awards Won

What can we offer

There are many ways how can we help you to make your idea reality.

Guidance & Mentoring

We gained experience in various projects, same as our many partnered mentors.

Community & contacts

Endless opportunities to grow with access to our contact network.

Initial & seed investments

If needed, we can provide the first investment to build and run your idea. 

Techological mentoring & support

Your project will be supported by technology, dev team and various awesome tools.

Product enhancements

We have build many products. Together we can brainstorm and implement unique features to your solution

Office space

We operate in beautiful villa in Prague. You will love the rooftop, garden, or chillout zone. Here you can work, meet clients or network with other team members! 

Individual approach

Every project is different and every startup needs special care. We listen carefully to find out how to nurture your project in a unique way.

Market launch

Once everything is ready, we will help you to get the product to the market. PR, marketing and activating contact network and many more.

Jumpstart your project!

If you are building a project, or you just have an idea, let us know. Let's discuss how exactly we can help you.