Life in Prague. Ukrainian edition

52 days in Prague, and I finally switched from survival mode to living mode. I have a chance to compare what happened to me and other Ukrainians under the same circumstances. Because fate smiled at me, I found Miko and caught my turning moment to having a peaceful and fulfilling life in Europe.

The work

I work as a copywriter for Siesta. Right now, we are working on one of our travel portals that is about Tuscany. This is a website where people who are packing their bags can easily find places to accommodate, where to eat and what sights to visit. The last one’s on me. I offer travelers the best spots in Tuscany of great historical, natural, and cultural significance. For the last few weeks, I discovered more about the Tuscan region than I could ever imagine. So, meet me there this summer. I’m impatiently waiting for the launch of our Tuscany Guide for more people to see and discover this stunning region.

The city

I didn’t fall in love with Prague not right away. I remember at first, when our HR Petra showed me the city center, I was in shock. I didn’t expect the beauty of such a scale, even though everyone was telling me how magnificent the city was. I was undoubtedly surprised. But as with all things in my life, I realized only later how much I love Prague. The dynamics, the scent, architectural masterpieces, and of course, smiling people – all of that form my perception of the Czech capital. This is certainly a great place to live as well as to relax on vacation.

The leisure time

I take my free time very responsibly. Or I wish I could say that. When I have a few hours after work, I usually read through news, go for groceries and cook a meal. That’s the boring part. The things I enjoy much more are taking long walks around the city, facetiming my dear friends spread all across Europe, and even traveling. I was happy to see Berlin and Bratislava for the first time. The European Union feels like a warm and friendly multistorey house. I closely observe how people live there to bring new ideas back to my country so that Ukraine would be better in the future. 

In my view, Ukrainians are an invincible nation that nobody can break. Every time I feel like it’s hard for me, I remember where I am from. For all that, we wouldn’t manage without all the support and kindness around. I am so thankful to the people of the Czech Republic and especially my colleagues, for their help and care. You, guys, are amazing.