We love to cooperate with other organizations

Sharing is caring, and we love it! We are open to new partnerships and alliances with a common goal of inspiring and educating all stakeholders or sharing various business opportunities.

We collaborate on various projects with other companies or organize events together. We believe that every such occasion is always a valuable opportunity for everyone. 

Our partners

Here are few selected partners with whom we cooperate regularly.

If you wonder

What can we do together

Business opportunities

We are happy to recommend our partners to our clients, other partners or other entities. We are also grateful for any of your recommendations.

Collaborate on projects

Sometimes there is too much work and we need help. We are happy to create teams together for specific projects.

Tips & tricks

We have plenty of secret recepies for tech, business or marketing magic. And we are happy to share them.

Have fun!

If you believe in yourself, challenge us in ping - pong, chess or technically any other game, or just stop by chill & chat.

New partners are welcome!

If you think we could do something together, let us know! We are always happy to meet new people and other companies. Let's start a new adventure together!

What our partners say

Read a few words from our partners' key members and what they say about our collaboration.