Team of creative people

Working together on awesome projects

They say, people are the highest value of a company and we think the same thing. Due to the friendly and creative culture in Siesta Labs, our team has grown over the years with experts in various fields and we are honoured to have them on board.

We are not just everyday colleagues but rather a group of like-minded people sharing our ideals and dreams and working hard to achieve them. This makes us a tribe, united, organized, taking care of each other and fighting for the same cause.

Our Team

Mikoláš Belec

CEO & Founder

A former software architect at MEKmedia software company. Currently, a Founder & CEO at Siesta Labs companies.

Jan Lamser

Mentor & Founder

A former member of the Board of Directors of CSOB, a Vice-Chairman of the Czech Academy of Science’s Institute of Computer science.

Tomáš Mikeš

Mentor & CTO

An experienced IT specialist who has gone through positions from programmer, database specialist, business consultant, project manager, enterprise architect to senior management positions.

Otakar Král

Mentor & Founder

A former CFO and member of the Board of Directors of T-Mobile ČR. More than 20 years of experience at Deutsche Telekom Group in various managerial positions.

Rudolf Belec

Mentor & Founder

Experienced owner with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Digital Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Online Marketing.

Jakub Weiner

Mentor & Founder

Jakub is a multidisciplinary scientist and idea maker. His main area of interest is a complex decision making processes and systems.

Jan Pražma

CIO & Founder

Honza is an experienced software developer and software architect. Currently working at Siesta Labs companies. In his career, he worked on various tech projects.

Jan Hanák

CEO Siesta Cloud

Honza has been a master mind of Siesta Cloud for two years already. He knows all the details. He is an experienced manager and also former leading developer of mobile applications.

Jan Mudroch

CEO Siesta Solution

Honza is a hospitality ninja working in hotels industry for over 5 years with many experiences from big and small facilities. and he knows all tips and trick in this area.

Tomáš Krejcárek

CEO Siesta Codes

Whether you seek some classic software development as webs, mobile apps, back offices or you need more uncommon things like 3D development, smart TV applications, Tom is the right person for you.  

Ondřej Vašátko

CCO Siesta Labs

Ondrej’s main goal is to make and keep our customers happy. He has been a member of the team for more than four year, so he knows all our projects.

Patricie Macešková

COO Siesta Casa

Patricie takes care of the smooth operation of the Casa and the happines of the team members. She’s also a mediator of the company communication.

Veronika Drbohlavová

Financial manager

Verča is our Law & Order. She has all our contracts, grants, investments, reports, finance and planning under her thumb. Multitasking is her superpower.

Karolína Krámková

Marketing manager

Kaja is our Event&Marketing ninja. She is always with the smile on, great networker, you would hardly find a more social person. She has been working with Czech startups for more than 3 years. Let’s meet up!

Lucie Bílá

Project & Marketing manager

Lucy ensures that our IT clients stay happy. Her attitude is also infected by marketing perspective as she loves copy and is the hidden figure behind our socials. Her ninja skills mainly shine by her get-things-done and open mindset.


Chief Dog Officer

Eliška is the cutest member of the team. She is in charge of barking, tail chasing and sniffing. She is happy to caress you and improve your mood.

Join us!

We are constantly growing, and therefore we are permanently searching for new great people to join us.  Find out more about open positions or register to the freelance network to collaborate on projects from time to time.