Our Philosophy


In today’s world, an infinite number of life approaches can be found. With this premise in mind and in spite of it, we try to define the base philosophy of our company. It consists of core values and beliefs, which we share. However, the specific interpretations of particular beliefs and values can differ throughout the team. Therefore it is necessary to approach them in this way.

Who we are

Our team consists mainly of humans (and a few dogs and flowers), an intelligent species inhabiting the planet earth, sharing this “piece of rock” with other intelligent beings. As we understand that some answers on the origin of humans and their purpose may differ, we really focus on different topics.

Do we need to exploit our planet and other inhabitants to be happy and content with our lives?  Or on the contrary, do we need to go back to the roots, climb trees and discard all the achievements of modern times? 

In our team, we are no enlightened gurus living in the jungle, neither nihilistic hedonists residing in the palace of sins. However, we want to enjoy our lives, the possibilities of today’s world and share these delight with our friends and family. At the same time, we want to act responsibly, with respect to the planet and other inhabitants of it, while helping to build a better future for as many beings as possible. 

What we believe in

Having answered the previous question, we consider it important to ask about our values and beliefs. What drives us forward every day? What keeps us sane in this fast-paced, ruthless world? Like with any other big topic in our life, there is not a simple answer.

It is without question that in today’s world, you need money to provide basic necessities for yourself and your family. This means that whatever we do, we need to get paid for it. Quite an important reason to wake up and do something, right?

The money is also good when you want to enjoy your life. But sometimes the money is not enough. We believe that when you like what you do, when you enjoy your everyday work, the happiness will come.

As stated in the previous section, we try our best to be responsible. Responsible to our planet, and also to all living creatures. Moreover we want to help, educate and  entertain others with our work.

Even though we believe in ourselves, obviously we can’t do and be good in everything. We prefer to master our skills and deepen knowledge in a particular field to be able to bring great results and truly make a difference. 

How to summarize previous thoughts and make them even more understandable? How to give it some order? We found that we did not invent this approach. It is, in fact, an old and proven concept.


Like the Danish word hygge, there’s no simple, direct translation into English for the Japanese word Ikigai. It roughly means the “thing that you live for” or “the reason for which you get up in the morning.” In a nutshell, it encompasses the idea that happiness in life is about more than money or a fancy job title.

It’s easiest to think about ikiagi as an intersection, the common ground between:

  • What you love
  • What you are good at
  • What the world needs
  • What you can get paid for

Ikigai has a few essential qualities that separate it from the “follow your passion” truism as we conceive of it in Western culture:

  • It’s challenging. Your Ikigai should lead to mastery and growth.
  • It’s your choice. You feel a certain degree of autonomy and freedom pursuing your Ikigai.
  • It involves a commitment of time and belief, perhaps to a particular cause, skill, trade, or group of people.

It boosts your well-being. Ikigai is associated with positive relationships and good health. It gives you more energy than it takes away.

In some sense, an Ikigai can serve as a compass to navigate both career and life decisions, which, it seems, people crave for now more than ever. After all, 20% of millennials and 21% of Gen-X’s say, that doing work they are passionate about, is an important long-term goal.

Before you think this sounds too pie-in-the-sky, consider what one researcher noted: Ikigai is often not something grand or extraordinary.

We are aware of Ikigai principle and we are applying it in our work. Whatever we do, we want it to be our Ikigai, or to be as close to it as possible. When this premise is met, we know we are on the right way. 

What we do

As mentioned before, we are trying to follow Ikigai principle and thanks to that, we don’t limit our activities by particular mantinels if we feel our Ikigai in it. Thanks to that, life is an ocean of opportunities and we are open to those, which are our Ikigai.

These are the main important values we share together and without fundamentally enforcing them or binding them to particular limits, we are aware of them and using them as our inner business compass.

What we like

As mentioned above, we tend to do things which fall loosely with our Ikigai. Even though the Ikigai of all our members can differ, we do share some areas or features, which we like to research or enjoy.

We like to:

  • Playfulness – We try to find joy in all activities.
  • Relax – We really like to chill after a long day of hard work.
  • Have fun – Of course we like fun, all kinds of it.
  • Responsibility- All decisions of an individual have its consequences. We try to think about the outcomes before all our actions.
  • Share – Sharing is … yeah, it’s caring, but it is also a way to show that we are aware of not being alone in this world or the industry. 
  • Earn – We like to earn for work we do. But not only to buy yachts and golden apples. Mainly to have resources to make the world better.
  • Create – We like the act of creation itself. New, fresh things force us to think in other ways and disrupts possible stereotypes.
  • Technologies – Technologies make our lives easier (most of the time), but for us they are an opportunity to push the boundaries, to create something we dream of or never thought about.
  • Invention – We like to examine the possibilities of current things and make them better. Why not merge unmergeable and break unbreakable? 
  • Problem solving – We like to analyze the problems, come up with a solution and implement them. That’s what we do.
  • Teamwork – We like to work together, help and inspire each other.
  • Science – We are interested in knowledge of humankind and how to use it for good purposes.
  • Culture – We love to connect culture and technology. In our team, we have musicians, tattoo artists, DJ’s or carpenters.
  • Help – Sometimes to help someone is to help yourself. We love to help, and karma knows that (hopefully) :))
  • Nature – We love the nature and preservation of it. Our garden should be a proof.
  • Get things done – Did you start something and never finished it? Happened to us a lot in the past. But nothing is better than a beer after a job is done, right? 
  • Humbleness – We know our limits and we like if others know them too. And we keep our ego within them.