Software development

Every problem has a solution.

Your idea will be in the best hands with our dedicated product development team. Siesta Codes team consists of 20+ specialists from a wide range of the IT field such as solution architects, full-stack senior developers, UX / UI designers, data scientists, senior project managers, and more. Together we will make sure that the final product reaches the highest possible qualities. Leave it to us and enjoy the Siesta.

What we can offer


We will examine the best technology to match the given criteria according to your business plan, industry, and competitors.


The development team will deliver high-quality standardized code.

Project Management

A senior project manager will plan, supervise and report during all phases of the project. 


Deploying the final product to a live environment with all further support.


Together we will go through iteration cycles of design prototypes to deliver final product design.


We will provide subsequent support and development of the product. 

Our tech stack

The world is moving fast forward every day and new technologies go hand in hand with it. If you want to be the best at what you do, you have to be constantly inquisitive and learn new things. And that's exactly what we do.

Getting ahead in technologies is our hobby and technical debt has no chance with us.
We are a proud Microsoft partner.


What we are good at

SaaS applications

The SaaS industry has experienced substantial growth over the last few years and many SaaS products are changing the world rapidly. They make life easier, boost productivity and reduce time & cost in our day-to-day activities.

Our biggest specialization is development of SaaS applications. We are using an advanced framework and tools which enables deployment of complex back-office systems and utility applications in few months.

Conversion websites

We have already created dozens of websites. When it comes to easy WordPress websites or sophisticated proprietary coded websites, none of it is our limit. All the pages are SEO-friendly and fully responsive with high performance.

We are focused to deliver advanced web development for a flawless user experience. Originally designed website with professionalism can give a meaningful perspective on the goals and objectives of your business.




Smart TV applications

Smart TV applications allow customers to watch their favourite shows and movies regardless of time, TV schedule, and space. For large providers such as Netflix, HBO Go, or Youtube, applications are an integral part of their business with millions of launches per day.

At Siesta Codes, we have developers and software architects with many years of experience in building applications for foreign clients such as Audi, Porsche or Mercedes-Benz.

We can guarantee you a complete service from design, development and testing, successful completion of the certification process, deployment, and subsequent support, all for major operating systems from Samsung and LG, through Apple TV to Android.

3D & Virtual reality

We have strong experience in developing progressive 3D software, using the world's most open and advanced real-time 3D creation platform Unreal Engine, for the best photoreal visuals and immersive experiences. 

In our team, we have several senior Unreal Engine developers, who participated in large projects both internal and external in various fields such as hospitality, logistics, architecture, etc. Together with the innovative thoughts of our idea makers, we will provide the best solutions for your business obstacles.


Mobile applications

We have already delivered several custom solutions in mobile development. When creating applications, we focus on customer requirements while respecting the perfect user experience. We always try to look deeper below the surface and come up with an enrichment of the business model.

We specialize in both native applications and applications using hybrid frameworks. We most often use Ionic and NativeScript. However, it always depends on the use case.


Blockchain is a huge topic these days and we do not stay behind. Our development team participates in innovative and community-based projects. 

We have already helped launch an online competitive gaming platform that focuses on financial markets, as well as a blockchain incubator for blockchain innovation and cryptocurrency.



Data Science & Business intelligence

We understand the value hidden in data as well as the competitive advantage which it brings to those who manage to uncover it. Siesta Codes team members are experienced with solving various use cases by the means of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Alongside with that, we are able to use our business experience for wrapping the results of data analytical pipelines into decision-supporting dashboards in reporting tools such as Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau or Google Data Studio.

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