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You’ve read through the website and thought ‘That makes sense, I’d like to join this project.’ Then don’t wait up and get in touch. There’s no complicated process to go through. Just tell us in short what sparked your interest and how you’d like to contribute and one of the guys who oversee our projects will get back to you. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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We created the kind of environment we want to work in

Everyone claims they’re friendly, cool and like to hang out. But at how many companies guys actually go together for hikes or climbs? In Siesta, we do. Do your collegues including your supervisors know what’s your pet’s name? In Siesta, we do. If you actually value friendly collective and honest environment, you just found one.

Remote work

We don’t limit ourselves by one destination. Some of us work from Prague where we have our headquarters, others from Montenegro, Mexiko or another country that just decide to explore.

Flexible hours

We work in teams so it’s important to be in sync. But as long as our projects progress smoothly, it’s up to you manage your time.

Friendly and driven team

How often do guys who work together go for hiking trips or holiday? In Siesta, pretty regularly.

Inclusive environment

We may disagree, but mutual respect is the governing value that permeates everything we do. Unity in diversity.


What is it like to work in Siesta

See how the Siesta team members see their work life

Working in Siesta is about synergy. Everybody is passionate about what they’re doing. That’s what gives the company a special charm. And Siesta is definitely a space for growth. In a 6-months time, I’ve learned so much from different IT fields. I’m glad for the opportunity to take up new challenges and continue to grow.
Frontend developer
It's really comfortable — working in Siesta. You are constantly growing and learning new things. At the same time, no one puts pressure on you. All colleagues help you with all their might.
SIS admin
I’ve been with Siesta for some time and i’ve seen it grow. From a company that could fit in a small room and where everyday was like a hackaton day, it has grown into a company that works on things that matter. A company that actually does the "Don't be evil”.