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Siesta Labs We are an innovation laboratory and startup incubator, focusing on digital solutions, growth hacking and fast execution. We offer our expertise gained in launching & growing our startups. left right

Progress as a service. 

We offer our expertise gained by launching & growing our startups to companies who want to create impactful & innovative products.

We build companies, products and digitize corporate businesses. We can help you to create and initiate your idea in the fastest and high-quality way.

Building new startups

We went through the process of building a brand new startup from scratch. Several times. We know when to go straight and when to take a turn to lead the project to its goal. Do you have an idea? Let us be your perfect match. 

Providing our services

Do you need just a bit of advice on where to go with your project? Or some software development? Do you want your brand to shine on the market? We, our mentors or partners cover a wide range of expertise. 

Visit our Creative Hub

We are based in Siesta Casa, a functionalist-style villa in Prague, where we work, organize various events, hackathons, workshops, and chill. We will be happy to meet you here or organize events together!

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The cooperation with us will lead your idea through these steps
in order to make your impactful idea real!

Incubating promising startups

Do you have an idea? Do you see the outlines of the project but to make it happen, there is something missing? This missing part is Siesta Labs. 

We can help you to define the idea clearly, validate it and even show you various possibilities and opportunities, where your project could aim. 

Collecting precious experience

We got a network of professionals. Together they can bring years and years of experience in different fields. Together we brainstorm new strategies, share best practices and cooperate on various projects.

Working with Siesta Labs on a project means taking advantage of collective wisdom and experience and skipping ahead over possible obstacles.

Nurturing our symbiotic projects

We do not only help others to bring their dreams to reality. We also work on our own precious projects, which we work on tirelessly. 

All of our projects are connected and symbiotic, which is due to the fact that they gradually emerged during our journey. 

Jumpstart your project!

If you are building or project, or you just have an idea, let us know. We will discuss with you how exactly we can help you and in which form it would be the best.

Our clients

Here are few selected clients with whom we cooperate regularly.

One of the launched projects

We have started with our own hotel and built up the Siesta Solution, a hospitality software and service provider company. We have expanded to all continents and we provide the product and services to hundreds of clients.

We pass what we have learned

Our services

During our journey, we tried various apps, dozens of strategies and countless approaches to particular projects or tasks. Now we want to share this experience.

Business management

Success needs more than an idea. All the work behind the curtain, all the strategies, project definitions, management or reporting is what we do best. 

Do you need help with automating some of the processes? Is reporting pain in the neck? Or do you find it problematic to see what your customers need? 

We went through all those problems in past, and with our experience and modern tools, we can help you to get over these obstacles.

Software development

Our dedicated development team of software architects, full-stack developers, UX / UI designers, data scientists or project managers will take care of your project from the first steps to deployment and even maintenance of the project. 

We are a proud Microsoft partner. We specialize in SaaS apps, Smart TV apps, 3D & Virtual Reality or Mobile apps. 


Growth hacking

Do you already have the product and feel that something is missing to make it a global success?

We can help you with your sales automation, lead generation funnels, we can show you advanced tools to automate your marketing campaigns or introduce you to growth hacking methods. 

Join us!

We are constantly growing, and therefore we are permanently searching for new great people to join us.  Find out more about our open positions or register to the freelance network to collaborate on projects from time to time. 

Explore our blog

Check our blog where we share updates from our activities & events. We also like to share tips from the startup world.


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