We’ve been there. And the first-hand experience is priceless.

You might not want to hear it, but in business the execution matters more than the idea. And the strategy and plan on how to achieve your goal matters most. Now, it might sound scary, but that’s why it always help to talk to someone who’s been there, built their own projects and knows the journey with all the bumps behind it.

We built three startups and numerous small and big projects. We’ve made it through the covid pandemics and now we keep adapting to the new challenges the world throws us. And we’re happy to share our experience with you to help you build your project that will last.

Idea making

We build digital products and companies. We can help you to innovate and execute your best digital ideas fast, at a high quality standard, and on time.

Analysis of assets

Let’s audit which assets will help you bring tangible or intangible results in your business.

Idea validation

You have a great idea, but you are not sure how to validate it. We can help you find out which ideas have a chance to succeed and how to adjust them.

Spin off a new project idea

We will expand your current business by creating new symbiotic projects in line with your current activities and assets.

Project management

Don’t stress yourself with deadlines and budget. Our colleagues can oversee the project from start to finish. They will make sure the project is delivered on time, in highest quality and within the budget. We work with smart tools that allow us to meet SMART goals we set.

Tools & Processes

Use smart tools to work in teams, delegate work, communicate, create tasks, templates or workflow all in one place. Your work and results can only get better.

High standards

Whatever we do, we do it SMART. This means that the solution must be specific and measurable, achievable, realistic and time bounded.

Business architecture

With us, you can be sure that we will cover all the necessary areas of business architecture and planning and help you to build your dedicated team or set up processes and frameworks for daily work.

Strategy planning

A great strategy and project management enable teams to do far more than simply deliver on their promises.

Financial planning & legal consultation

We aim to create a successful and sustainable business model that reflects your goals and aspirations, maintains financial health, whilst allowing you to focus on what you do best.